Sunday, August 05, 2007


As with any undertaking, the future is unknowable. Suppose I started a Fitness Law blog and no one showed up. Well, that is the risk.

Still I have for years believed that there is a need for consumers to discuss issues related to their fitness, in particular the products that they purchase in good failth and the fitness advice published by the media that they follow in good faith.

I think there is a lot of bad information and advice out there and tons of useless products, or worse.

In my humble opinion, this is not benign stuff.

People seek fitness as a means to health and health is serious business. Life and participation in life are intimately related to health. Compromise or mislead someone regarding fitness and by extension you compromise their health.

The FTC and FDA do, again in my humble opinion, terrible jobs keeping bad fitness things away from us.

The Fitness Law blog is a place to express concerns and congrats about what is out there. If enough bloggers feel one way or the other about a particular product or advice, perhaps natural selection will decide its fate. If not, well, that is what the "law" part is about.